Using the Screen Mirror add-on

Monitoring your child's screen from your parental dashboard
Written by Denis
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What is the Screen Mirror? 

The Screen Mirror is a new option that parents can activate to see images of their children's screen activity, including chats and images from messengers and apps.

Nice... But don't you guys already capture texts and more?

The Screen Mirror will allow us to get ahead of the new apps, manage changes in old favorites and add in app image support. 

We've analyzed parental requests as well as the apps that kids were using—you can imagine things change at lightning speed—new apps messengers, new code, etc. 

We decided to try to develop a feature that would future proof our efforts and keep us out in front (we are actually a pretty small team so need to be creative here!)

How do I use the Screen Mirror?

The Screen Mirror automatically uploads screenshots of your child's device activity, sorts them into app use "sessions" which you can review from your parental dashboard.

You will find the Screen Mirror tab at the very top of your screen:

Tap the Screen Mirror tab and you will see a running time line of the app usage for today:

Tap "Filter by App" to filter sessions by specific app (for example, if you just want to see Instagram activity for that day).

You can also review activity on previous dates by selecting a specific day on the calendarjust tap "Date" at the bottom of the screen to get you there. 

The really great news is we will now be able to capture all group texts and other messengers, MMS and other photo messages which were previously unavailable.

Just scroll through the thumbnails on the right of the screen to view the apps activity during its session:

Particularly interesting Screen Mirror images can be singled out and saved by tapping the "Save" at the bottom of the screen:

You will find them later by tapping the button "Saved Screens" button:

Remember: you will need to install the current app on both your phone and your child's phone. 

It should be pretty easy to use and we really need to hear from you if it is not 🙂

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