System settings on Samsung devices with Android 10+

And best ways to fix the issue
Written by Denis
Updated 2 years ago

In rare occasions on some Samsung devices with Android 10+ on board users might face an issue with blocking the system settings. This happens because of a custom implementation or some type of protection against overlaying.

In order to solve this problem, users must unlock Developer options, enable it and enable Allow screen overlays on Settings there. This will allow Safe Lagoon to draw the blocking overlay above the system settings.

If the described settings aren’t available, there is a trick which can help to mitigate the problem. There are 2 different blocking schemes which Safe Lagoon can use. In this case the old scheme works better.

To use it a user needs to:

  1. Uninstall the app on the child's device and install the latest version

  2. Go through the onboarding sequence as usual, but on the "Limit access to Settings" step do it slightly differently

  3. Press the "Enable" button and open the settings

  4. Don't change anything and just go back to the app

  5. A "Skip" button will appear there. Use it to allow Safe Lagoon to work without the overlay permission

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