Safe Lagoon stopped working

Did the app stop reporting for some reason? Here's how to fix that.
Written by Denis
Updated 1 year ago
In this case as a first step we recommend doing a clean reinstall on the child's device to refresh the configuration and relink the device.

 To do a clean reinstall:

1. Open the Safe Lagoon app on the child's phone
2. Enter the app settings: tap "" on the upper right and enter your account email and password
3. Tap "Stop App" and then delete the app as usual
4. Restart the phone
5. Find Safe Lagoon in Google Play and install
6. During setup select Child, and then select your child's profile
7. Be sure to install the Call & text module

Additionally, please adjust the recommended settings depending on what device brand your child uses:

Recommended configurations

If the issue remains, please get in touch with us at, or via the chat box in the app or our website.

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