Managing calls with Safe Lagoon

👪 Set up a call blocking schedule except for calls from mom or dad
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Safe Lagoon for Android allows you to manage the calls that your child is making and receiving and ensures that distracting calls are not coming in (or going out 😊) during school time, bedtime or family time. 

In order to use this feature, you need to have at least one number in the whitelist. Emergency numbers like 911 and 112 are always available.

Blacklist Numbers

You can permanently block calls from telemarketers or bullies by adding them to the blacklist. All done remotely from your Safe Lagoon parental app.

Whitelist Numbers

Set up a VIP number list that is always available. No matter what schedule is running, only these whitelisted numbers can always reach your child.

How to add a number to the Blacklist or Whitelist

Open your parental app's Calls and Text section and Tap Set Rules
Select Black Listed Numbers or White Listed Numbers
Tap the + sign in the corner and choose to Add Number or Import from Call Log

If you select Import from Call Log: this is your child's call log and you will be presented with the call log view.

Tap the symbol on the right of the number or name you would like to include in your black or white list and select the policy for management.

That's it!

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