How to set up YouTube monitoring

A few steps to take to make sure you can see your child's YouTube history
Written by Denis
Updated 11 months ago

First of all, make sure you've linked your child's Google account:

1. On your Safe Lagoon parent app — open the menu on the left hand side;
2. Tap on Google Link setup;
3. Next to your child's profile toggle ON
4. And then set up the Google link (you need your child's email and password).

😃 You need to link your child's Google account to the app — otherwise you will see your own history.

 After you do that, lets check that Google is set up correctly: 

1. Open and make sure you are signed in with your child's Google account;

2. Open make sure that Youtube history is on;

3. Open and select Web and app Activity. Make sure it is on.

🥳 After that you should be able to see the YouTube history on the Internet tab in your parental app.

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