How to Change a Password or PIN

Changing a Password or PIN is something that happens app the time so we've made it really easy to do
Written by Denis
Updated 1 year ago

Reset Your Password

Open any browser and go to our Password Recovery Page

Enter the email associated with your Safe Lagoon account.

A link to reset your password will be sent to your inbox. Sweet!

Change Your Parental PIN 

This one happens quite frequently as kids love to peek as you unlock their device.

Step 1. Open the Safe Lagoon app on your device.
Step 2. Tap the Settings button on the top left of the screen
Step 3. Press the “Remote PIN change” button, and well, just change your PIN

Change Your Login

The email address that your account was created with is the login.

If you forgot your username, or need to change your username login for some reason, simply contact support at and we will figure it out for you.

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