How to block or allow websites

White and black lists of websites
Written by Denis
Updated 1 year ago

Safe Lagoon uses a real-time intelligent content filtering engine that checks every website accessed by your child against our massive and constantly expanding database of web content. So we have you covered!

But there may be times when you would like to block specific sites which may not be categorized as inappropriate but for which you would like to limit access to for your child.

Safe Lagoon provides you with a way to easily set up black and white lists for sites.

Using the Safe Lagoon WebCenter:

Step 1. Open any browser and log into your Safe Center
Step 2.
Choose the profile you want to edit.
Step 3.
Go to the “Internet” tab.
Step 4.
Press “Set Rules”.
Step 5.
Enter the sites you want to block or allow in the fields
Step 6.
Click  “Add”

We recommend you copy & paste the URL of the site right into the field from the address bar of your browser to avoid any mistakes. 
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