How to block or allow specific apps

Blacklist or Whitelist Android apps using the Safe Lagoon parent app or web portal
Written by Denis
Updated 1 year ago

You can control Android apps via the Screen Time section in the Safe Lagoon Android Parental app or do so via the online Safe Center portal.

In the Parental app :

Screen Time tab > Apps Used > White&Black App list
Use the + button to add apps to the Always allowed or Always blocked lists.

In the online Safe Center:

Step 1. Open any browser and log into your Safe Center
Step 2. Select the Apps tab > click the Set Rules button
Step 3. double click the app you want to white or black list and set its rule with a toggle.

If an app is outlined in red it is always blocked (blacklisted). By default we blacklist browsers other than Safe Lagoon or apps which are above the age category that you defined at setup.
If an app is outlined in green, it is always available (whitelisted). Schedules will not apply to whitelisted apps and their use will not count towards your child's screen time limits.
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