Configure Google Family Link to work with Safe Lagoon

When you get a scary message to contact your organization's administrator—don't freak out, just read these instructions.
Written by Denis
Updated 2 years ago

If you already use Google Family Link and you are installing Safe Lagoon on your child's phone, when you get to the step where you are setting up Call and Text monitoring, you probably will get a scary message like this:

What's this all about ?
You need configure Family Link to allow installation of our Call Manager module from our US operations center. It is coming from this external source as Google policy does not let us include call and text features by default in our Play Store app anymore.

How To Fix:

In the Family Link app on your Parent phone: 

  • Select the account you want to manage

  • Scroll down until you see the device panel

  • Tap "Settings" and enable "Apps from unknown sources"

  • Go back to your child's device and continue installation of our Call manager moduleyou will probably be asked again to allow installation by the device.

  • Tap Settings and enable app installs from external sources.

  • Tap the back arrow at the top left and continue with our installation.

Whew. That wasn't so scary. You are now officially your family's IT administrator!

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