An app is blocked

Despite being in the white list or not limited by rules
Written by Denis
Updated 2 years ago

There could be a number of reasons why some app might be blocked. Technically it can be the result of delayed push update or a stale cache.

Check the reason on the Blocking screen and/or send us a screenshot of the issue. The reason gives us a clue why it's blocked: e.g. a time limit was ended, a schedule is applied, the block all apps mode is enabled etc. In addition to that, we need to know what app the child tried to open and what time exactly it was. A screenshot gives us all the information we need without additional requests.

Apart from that, please check the current status in the Finn chat on the child's device. It shows if the block apps mode is enabled or a schedule is applied along with remaining time for time limits on the device.

The app might also be "in review"—installed, but not approved by the parent. In this case please check your notifications in the dashboard and approve the app.

If there are no schedules, time limits or other evident causes of the issue, please get in touch and we'll try to figure it out!

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