Advanced Geotracking add-on

How to use the Advanced Geotracking add-on in Safe Lagoon
Written by Denis
Updated 1 year ago
Advanced Geotracking is a feature which shows an estimate of places that your child may have visited and routes that they may have taken directly in your Safe Lagoon dashboard.

First you would need to subscribe to it in your web portal on the Billing tab. We offer both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

After you've subscribed, please update the app on your child's phone to the latest version via Google Play (just open and hit update).

After that, you would need to relink your child's Google account to refresh the configuration (if it was linked before). To do that: 

1. On your Safe Lagoon parent app open the menu on the left hand side
2. Tap on " Google Link setup"
3. Next to your child's profile  Toggle OFF 
4. Wait a few seconds
6. Next to your child's profile Toggle ON again
7. Then set up the Google link again (you need your child's account email and password)

Apart from that, you need to have Google Location History enabled in the linked Google account because we grab data from there. You can check if it's enabled on this page.

🙂 Finally, you should wait about 24 hours to allow our servers to collect the data.

You will see the tracks and visited locations on the Timeline tab in your parental app:

You will then be able to see the map with the chronology of places your child visited during the day, as well as on previous days if you tap on the date:

😊 That's pretty much it! If you have any questions about the Geotracking feature, feel free to reach out to our suppor team using the chat on our website or your parental app.

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